Invested in Providing Knowledge and Experience to Your Business

Because education is heavily supported by state and local government funding, your financial health can be directly impacted during economic shifts. Working in partnership, we’ll identify your growth objectives and provide the financial tools, resources and solutions you need. Whether it be investing in technological advancements to leverage online and remote learning, or maximizing your income and revenue, we’ve got the expertise to keep your institution moving forward.

We’ll work with you to determine ways to build financial efficiencies into your operations and discover how automation can make your processes easier. That way you can continue to focus on your highest priority: the investment in the lives and knowledge of the future.

Featured Services

Working Capital and Financing

Finance major capital projects such as property investments, building purchases, renovations & expansions, technology or equipment

Deposit and Operating Accounts

Mitigate the risks of managing your cash flow that accompany mismatched payment schedules

Treasury Management and Payment Solutions

Gain efficient payables and receivables processes for payroll, tuition, fees and more, all while strengthening fraud protection

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